The 21 Lessons of Life was written to encourage and enlighten the mind and spirit. These valuable lessons will guide you on a meaningful, righteous, journey of self-discovery. Each lesson is to be studied carefully, dissected, discussed, and reflected upon; with the goal of preventing you from repeating the maladjusted actions one normally does. The lessons are meant to cleanse the mind from daily distractions and negativities that surround you; leaving your path open to clarity, prosperity, and simplicity.

           Most lessons will be followed by one of the Angelic Zibu symbols. These signs are described as The Language of Angels. Each has specific meaning and contains messages of hope, encouragement, and love. The Angelic Language was discovered by the 16th-century philosopher and astrologer, John Dee. In his personal journals, he mentioned that God has sent “good angels” to communicate directly with prophets. According to his writings, The Angelic Language was to be the original dialectal. God used it to create the world and to name all things into existence. Adam later used the language to speak to God and the angels. The symbols are a reminder of how unique, powerful, beautiful, and amazing life is. And how these lessons connect us to our higher power and divine purpose.