Jimmy DaSaint: Author –Artist -Entrepreneur-Public Relations Manager
Former Federal Prisoner-Motivational Speaker-Manager-Producer

Jimmy DaSaint has been released from federal prison where he fined-tuned his skills as a storyteller of street reality. Now his undeniable talents are being recognized and Jimmy DaSaint is being called the “New #1 Author of Street Drama”.

James “DaSaint” Mathis was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He is the oldest of his mother’s five children. Growing up in the Mantua section of West Philly known as “the bottom”, because of its violence and dilapidated buildings, he and his relatives were among the many families living far below the poverty level. At an early age, Jimmy had to take on adult responsibilities to assist in the survival of his welfare stricken family.

Quickly Jimmy encountered the negative effects that the ghetto has on a young person, and at the tender age of 12 he was introduced to the dangerous, shameless and cruel life of the streets. By age 15 he had been arrested numerous times for burglary, trespassing and fighting. After these frequent run-ins with the law, DaSaint finally got himself together and made his mother proud by being the first in their family to graduate from high school.

By the early 90’s, Jimmy started a rap group called, “Inner City Hustlers”. This is where he found his peace of mind by writing, producing songs, and performing shows. With Jimmy as the leader, I.C.H. quickly became one of Philly’s most successful rap groups; being featured on Mixtapes, TV shows, and opening for major acts in the music industry.

Jimmy DaSaint and the I.C.H. camp were on their way to major stardom. Then, in 1995 tragedy struck and all hell broke loose. Four members of the I.C.H. family were brutally murdered inside a small row house, and it was the first quadruple murder in the city’s violent history. To add to the dismay, in 1997 Jimmy was shot ten times and for thirty days he lay in a coma barley clinging to life. But through the grace of God, Jimmy survived and made a full recovery.

After much of the street violence had ended, Jimmy and the I.C.H. camp reunited and their movement grew larger. In the late 90’s the entire I.C.H. team were invited to New York to meet with Jadakiss of the LOX, and Jay-Z & Dame Dash of Rockafella Records. The word was out on I.C.H. and everyone wanted a piece. In 1999, two members (Oschino and Sparks) of I.C.H. were signed to Rockafella. At that time, Jimmy was also in negotiations for deals on behalf of his other I.C. H. artists. But, before he could get them all signed and attain his small record label (M42) a major label deal, Jimmy was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in Philadelphia, for the distribution of drugs after being set up by a close friend who was working as an undercover agent for the FBI.

In 2000, DaSaint was sentenced to serve ten years in a Federal Prison, leaving his family and friends, and the I.C.H. camp without their leader. However, prison was the start of a new beginning for Jimmy DaSaint. Unlike many prisoners who give up on life after being incarcerated, Jimmy placed his faith in God and discovered his passion for writing books. Without a college degree or taking writing courses he proved to be extremely skilled in the art of writing. At times, other inmates were begging to read his hand written, unpublished manuscripts.

After reaching out to Vicky Stringer, of Triple Crown Publishing, in 2003 his writing abilities were acknowledged by someone in the business. Vicky, being so impressed, recommended him to her publisher in New York, “A&B Distributors”. They immediately signed Jimmy DaSaint to a 2-book deal. In 2004, “MONEY, DESIRES AND REGRETS”, was published by A&B Distributors. Then in 2005, “ON EVERYTHING I LOVE”, was released. Followed by AMIYA’s Entertainment Company releasing Jimmy’s 3rd novel, “A ROSE AMONG THORNS”, in 2006.

Jimmy DaSaint was released from Federal Prison in January 2009 and he has well over 20 written novels, numerous Rap and R&B songs, and a few movie scripts.

To date he has been featured in Feds Magazine, Street Monsters Magazine, Street Elements Magazine, and Philly Uncut Magazine. He has also been featured on various radio shows including, “The Dedan Tolbert Show", Chuc Tha Chief of “The Rhythm”, and “WXYB” of Tampa Bay with radio personality Mobettaa Mo.

His debut album “Tears of a Hustler”, as well as his rap group I.C.H’s album “Block Money”, has hit the streets, setting the stage for a change in command in the rap game.

DaSaint is also the founder and CEO of Urban Celebrity Magazine's Philly Hip Hop Awards; which showcases and honors the exceptional talent of many Tri-State artists. The annual award show has had its stage graced by such talents as Gillie Da Kid, Charlie Baltimore, Kurr, Tuff Crew, DJ Damage, Brotherly Love, Lee Mazin, Charlie Mack,  and Byshere Gray to name just a few! This show continues to be a staple in the Tri-State hip hop scene and has been a launching pad for many artists.

Jimmy DaSaint is truly changing, rearranging, and challenging the game!!!

Be sure to check him out for guest appearances in a city near you.