Angel McDaniel was born to be a hustler. Even at the youngage of seven, he had already known what he wanted to grow up and become; a kingpin just like his mentor-his Uncle Howard- the man that taught Angel everything he knew about life in the drug game.

With dark curly hair and piercing green eyes, Angel possessed the looks of a model. But, beneath the handsome exterior is a confused young man on a personal journey to find out the truth of who he really is. One thing is for sure; he’s a man that loves his family and friends with a passion, but cold-hearted towards all of his enemies.

The true love of Angel’s life is his beautiful fiancée Alexis. From the first moment Alexis and Angel laid eyes on each other, their love began. A strange, wonderful feeling came over their souls, pulling together their yearning hearts. Not only is Alexis very attractive, she also has the book smarts to compliment her dark exotic beauty. With aspirations of one day becoming a top lawyer, Alexis is driven to succeed. Her strength (and sometimes her weakness) is her fiancé Angel, the man she loves more than anything in this world. And, Alexis is willing to prove her love no matter what the circumstances and consequences she may face.